BLI Equipping Center: Honoring Two Citizenships — America and the Kingdom of God

by Dan Morris, Sr.

BLI 103

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Let us use integrity and accountability with our Lord as citizens of this land and citizens of His Kingdom. Sometimes we may feel that neither candidate or party is completely in tune with our Christian faith. What do we do?

 Pray - Jesus taught us to pray the Lord's Prayer, He said, " Father, Thy Kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven . 

 Vote — Celebrate, participate, and be thankful for the freedom opportunities. Vote even if you do not like the choices. Do not give up the freedom you do have!

 Wisdom — Don't listen to TV commercials, social media, and tweets. Remember these are professional perception marketers paid millions to say whatever to simply get the votes.   Freedom — Champion freedom issues enabling the citizens to have religious freedom without apology.

 Respect — Our behavior, attitude, and respect demonstrates our Christian life and values. Hate and badgering communication in conversation, emails or social media does not honor the Lord or our Christian witness.

 Look Beyond the Candidates —. Sometimes the impact is beyond the candidates elected to the office, one example is the elected president will nominate the Supreme Court judges. 

 Kingdom of God - Remember, God is on the throne and no candidate, party, or vote removes Him from His throne. Most of all His Kingdom is not in this world.

You can attend our equipping center or you can go on-line live or choose on-line at your schedule.  Get started today!

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