Dealing with Disappointment in Leadership

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Have you ever provided what you perceived to be your best leadership to be disappointed with the outcome? Obviously, it happens to all of us. We find ourselves at time let down. It can cause us to question our leadership skills and become unmotivated or even depressed. It may have been the results of an unrealistic expectation. It may have been our disappointment with others. It may be that we do our best but the event or the plan just does not work. How do we handle it?

There is always risk involved in leadership. We cannot always determine the outcome when we begin the process. Some leaders have a philosophy to simply move on to something else very quickly if the event or plan does not work effectively. Others are determined to keep working it until there is a breakthrough even if it kills them or others. Some leaders get discouraged and give up. Some see it as a learning experience and gain leadership skills in the experience. Even if the experience is a failure, John Maxwell reminds us in his book, “Fall Forward,” that the crises can enable us to become a greater leader. Here are seven ways we can deal with disappointment:

  • Spend quiet time with God remembering that He is the Master Leader. He will guide you not to worry, but to trust Him as you develop even greater leadership skills.
  • Recognize you are not alone. Others have gone through similar experiences. Every great leader can honestly share their history of disappointments. Moses, the prophets, Men and Women of the Bible, and even Jesus’ heart was broken with disappointments.
  • Use the experience as a growing experience rather than a time to blame yourself and others. Each experience can be one for our advancement in relationship with God and others. Discover the victory of the opportunity.
  • Remember, our God does not want you to worry and lose your joy. He reminds you of who you are and whose you are. No one can steal your joy or destroy your faith when you are in God’s hands.
  • Recognize that your greatest leadership is your faith and faithfulness. Your attitude and response to difficult circumstances says more about you than your celebrations of victories.
  • Turn upward and look to the cross, identifying what Jesus wants you to do. He and the Father often taught us how to handle disappointments. His greatest creation was His personal involvement creating man and woman. However, it was His greatest disappointment. Nevertheless, He made it even greater with His Passion to send Jesus as the Redeemer.
  • Let Him remind you of your calling and the passion you have to fulfill God’s love and will for your life and bless others. Continue to keep your faith and your eyes on Jesus as you lead like Jesus.

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