Dr. Danny MorrisWhat If You Could Only Have 25 Books in Your Minister’s  Library?

Over the past few  years I gave away hundreds of my books to the BLI library. I only have a few  left. I asked myself a hypothetical question: Which ones are the best books for  the BLI library?  Which ones do I want to  keep?

My friend, Thom  Rainer, gave a list of his top 25. It  was a privilege to study with him at Southern Seminary and to earn church  consultant certification with him and Chuch Lawless.  Thom’s choice books are listed below. These are the ones he chose to keep as he  gave thousands of books away. He used some of the parameters below in his  difficult decision making process:

  • I  didn’t hesitate to choose books that were simply personal preferences.
  • I  decided at the onset I would strive to choose a variety of issues and  topics, rather than just the 25 best books.
  • I  was sufficiently lacking in humility, and put two of my own books on the  list.
  • I  really struggled eliminating many commentaries of individual Bible books.

With those caveats in mind, here are the 25 books in  alphabetical order. I have little doubt you readers will engage in some  interesting conversations!