Others talk about leadership, we definitely define it!

We have exciting news!  BLI is a curator of leadership. Others talk about leadership, we definitely define it. 

It is our joy to celebrate having a great leadership team and excellent relationship with a fully accredited college, university, and seminary. You can ge tthe education you desire in the classroom or online while you stay in your home town.

Eleven years ago our trustees started our school. Numbers of students took courses, and received diplomas and were blessed. All hoped it would become an accredited college, seminary, or even a university. However, they later realized it was not possible. Students did receive some good teaching. However, when online education became a reality, they knew that they did not need to waste their resources competing with the great Christian schools of America. Therefore, over time they developed a completely different approach. Now, we are known as a BLI leader-ship team. We provide leadership coaching and mentoring, seminars, workshops, and special online opportunities in addition to a relationship with higher education schools that best meet our student’s needs.

Over the past six years, Christian education has dramatically changed. It took strong leadership to make a transition intoBLI Biblical Leadership Institute. Now, as we journey into 2019we have coaches mentoring with treasures of leadership to offer.Most of our seminars or workshops today are online for the convenience of students and professors.

We, BLI, have entered into a relationship with one ofAmerican best fully-accredited Christian schools, Campbellsville University. The school began in 1906 as a small academy inCentral Kentucky. Now, it has over 10,000 students online and on campuses in various states.

Campbellsville University

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